Sunday Thought: To The Holy Ghost

I've always wanted an interview with the Holy Ghost (known these days more congenially as the Holy Spirit). He won't grant me one, of course, but if He did, I think I'd have the temerity to ask a few questions. Or at least I think I would. It would depend on how He presented Himself. I prefer the dove to the burning bush or some kind of whirlwind. And if He did, how would I address Him? (I say 'Him' not because I'm a chauvinist, which I don't in the least mind being, but because I need a personal pronoun.)

Dearest Comforter and Spirit of Truth:

Well, it's a start. Continuing: I come to ask you - not as Pilate asked of the Son, "What is Truth?" but rather - "Where is it in our own time?" Or, to put it more bluntly, "Where are YOU? Why can't you do something?"

I ask because that Truth's fullest manifestation is to be found in the Church that Son founded on earth. Yet it (and orthodox Christianity in general) is everywhere persecuted, mocked and vilified. Just today I read about some evangelists in Libya being arrested for trying to spread that Truth. The same thing happened in Saudi Arabia to some Ethiopian Christians, about 53 of them, and they weren't trying to spread anything, just worshipping in a home. Here in my own country, various arms of government are trying to crush the moral authority of your Church and the consciences of its adherents. The Catholic governor of Illinois (there are many traitors in your Church, as I'm sure you are well aware) is prepared to sign a bill redefining marriage to include homosexual couples. New York's CINO Governor is pushing what its opponents call an "abortion expansion bill", which could result in Catholic hospitals having to shut down if they discriminate in any way against facilitating the murder of Your unborn innocents. This leads me to believe that the federal government, which at the moment is merely trying to coerce the Catholic conscience into cooperating with the evil of contraception, will in time extend this coercion to the even graver evil of baby murder.

Speaking of which: how long must the slaughter continue? I've heard that something like 50 million babies have been killed by this means since 1973. And that's in this country alone. When is enough enough? How many martyrs does it take to get your attention? And it's happening all over the world. I know you are there to welcome them into heaven, and to wipe away every tear, but when will You say The End? You are the arrow that God fires into our hearts. You once came down in tongues of fire to begin the conversion of the world. That conversion peaked some time ago, and is now in precipitous diminution. Why can't you come down once more and pour your very Self, the Grace of God, into the hearts of all men? You need not coerce their will, but only fill them with knowledge of the Truth, such that now they must choose: between You and the hell they are busy making on earth.

I know: Thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God. And: a faithless generation is always seeking a sign. But then again, why can't we cry with your saints: How long, O Lord, how long? Where is even a sign of hope?

Well, perhaps I'm looking in the wrong places, but I only know what I see, and it's a desert down here. Our public pagan factories, also known as government-run schools, work very hard to hide Your Truth from our children. Some of Your Church's schools do the same. Along with the unborn, the sick and disabled are neatly murdered in the sterile heart of our hospitals under cover of a legal mercy. We are a country no longer certain of what a marriage is. We think the sacred gift of sex between husband and wife is really just another animal function provided for our amusement, an enjoyment to which all are entitled. We think pregnancy is a disease, and should one of your sheep point this out, he will be accused of declaring war on women, often by the women themselves, who are not of much help to those of us who would defend their honor by also defending sexual virtue. You did a magnificent job in maintaining Mary, our Blessed Mother, in her perfection, and the honor you gave her should be, at least in some measure, the honor we give to all women. But I think You'll find that the women of today are having trouble - how do they say it? - relating. Mary is a mystery, but not the kind she ought to be. Lifelong virginity, let alone virginity until marriage, just doesn't make sense anymore, and in my opinion, this is a part of the causal chain that leads to all those dead babies.

I'm far enough along to have seen the country of my birth turn from one thing into another. The turning hasn't stopped yet, but the next generation will likely have no memory of what we used to be. In fact, I'm far enough along that I might not have to suffer at length under the new dispensation. But I worry for my children, for all the children, even those who buy into the emerging, civilized barbarity. I'm a teacher, so a lot of them sit before me every day, year after year. I care about them, without having, for many, much hope. Forgive my cynicism. I realize that civilizations must rise and flourish, fall and decay. I had naively hoped that this Western one, which began after your Co-Divine's crucifixion and resurrection, might be different. But it appears that there must be another feeding to the lions, so to speak. If there is any hope, I ask you to let me find it, for there are many souls at stake, probably including my own. I ask only that you keep me steadfast should the behemoth's jaws close upon me, and to have mercy on us, to save us from ourselves if that is the only way.

Sorry for the impertinence, but I needed to say at least a part of what was on my mind. Though now it occurs to me that you knew it already.

William Luse