Hi, this is my first entry, in which I'm attempting to confirm my ability to tinker with style sheets. As with this blockquote:

Not sure what I'll be doing here.
Mostly just messing around, I suppose.
Trying to get my ass in gear.
What else, no one, nor I, really knows.

This is some preformatted text (we hope):

Hi, I know we've met somwhere before     
But not quite how or when; 
Open for me the memory door     
And perhaps I'll remember then.               
Oh yes, I do remember now,     
Twas far in the distant past     
When we were young and knew not how,     
But certain that all would last.

[From the creators of the template, which I have modified mercilessly]: "Under no circumstances can you use the template for websites with illegal or immoral (even if legal) content. This includes, but is not limited to pornography, obscenity, homosexuality, abortion, violence, drugs, gambling."

I like these guys.

William Luse