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Liberalism attempts to make a unifying principle out of ruthlessly enforced disunity. If you won’t agree to be my brother, I will crack your skull.

Whole thing here.

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From the Pope, another guide to clear thinking and moral perspicacity


I would also like to highlight the work done by the PICO National Network and the organizations promoting this meeting. I learned that PICO stands for “People Improving Communities through Organizing”. What a great synthesis of the mission of popular movements: to work locally, side by side with your neighbors, organizing among yourselves, to make your communities thrive.

Okay, so Obama was on the right track after all.

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These women need your support

Explore their website.

The heart of their mission. Yes, it’s 50 minutes long, but…

…there’s evidence that it works.

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Where Justice Scalia Was Wrong…

…is the title of an article by George Will, one I can finally agree with. I can’t help but wonder, though, if a man who has described himself as “an amiable, low-voltage atheist” fully appreciates the implications of the truth his article reveals for a whole host of issues.

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Post-election Christmas reflection

Yes, that’s a human baby. I’ll explain in a moment why she’s there. Lest I be accused of misdirection, let me say something about the election: Trump, the latest incarnation (sorry) of conservative liberalism, won. He’s bad, but She- the “Grandma Abortion Witch” (all credit to Zippy Catholic) – was far worse. Better him than her. And that’s the end of my analysis. Maybe at a later time.

The baby above was born in mid-October, my elder daughter’s firstborn. She was about two weeks old when her mother pressed the camera’s shutter button. With Christmas upon us, it’s remarkable to ponder that, a mere two weeks earlier, Hillary Clinton would have supported the murder of this child, had its mother felt so inclined, and by means most gruesome, so gruesome it beggars the imagination. We kill babies in a spectacular variety of ways undreamed of by previous societies. We live in advanced times.

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We will not, this time anyway, have our first woman president. On a list of a hundred reasons why I might support someone for president, this one wouldn’t even make the list.

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voice of the heart

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It’s 9/11…again

Nothing new to say. Some posts from the past for any interested:
People in the Sky
A remembrance dedicated to the victims
A poem

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13 Hours:

the secret soldiers of Benghazi. Watched it last night. Now I really hate her.

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The Great Egret …

..pays a visit. Click (maybe twice, to get to full size) so that he can look you in the eye.

He and the Great Blue are sharing space, sort of.

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