- Seal

- Ocean

- New Stove

- Another custom html5 player – that works

- Custom html5 player

- Delivery

- Sudden Storm

- Planned Parenthood rep before the Florida legislature, responding to questions about born-alive infants

- Obama pardons the sequester

- Carolla interviews Gavin Newsome

- The video tag in html 5

Music Videos and Slideshows


- Mary, sung by Elina Garanca

- Mary Did You Know, sung by Kathy Mattea

- Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, sung by Eydie Gorme

Country and Western:

- Far from any Road (theme song for True Detective), sung by The Handsome Family


- In Memoriam: William Francis Begley

We love him and will miss him always. He was my wife’s brother.

- Bill’s LA Memorial, photos from a gathering put together by his Fans of Film Music friends in Bill’s honor. They loved him too.

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