John Henry Newman

And, O my brethren, O kind and affectionate hearts, O loving friends, should you know any one whose lot it has been, by writing or by word of mouth, in some degree to help you thus to act; if he has ever told you what you knew about yourselves, or what you did not know; has read to you your wants or feelings, and comforted you by the very reading; has made you feel that there was a higher life than this daily one, and a brighter world than that you see; or encouraged you, or sobered you, or opened a way to the inquiring, or soothed the perplexed; if what he has said or done has ever made you take interest in him, and feel well inclined towards him; remember such a one in time to come, though you hear him not, and pray for him, that in all things he may know God’s will, and at all times he may be ready to fulfil it. – from Sermon 26, The Parting of Friends

On this page can be found excerpts from Newman’s works, posts by me (of which at present there is only one) about him, and either excerpts from or links to the works of others considering this great man, who was also a Cardinal, and is now a Blessed of the Catholic Church.

My Posts

1. In Thanks for Friends in High Places (on the occasion of the Cardinal’s beatification)

Excerpts from his works:

1. On the Annunciation

2. Sunday Thought: On the Goodness of God

3. Faith and the World

4. God Alone Unchangeable

5. Sunday Thought: A Woman Made High 

6. Sunday Thought: From “Purity and Love”                      

Works of others

- Cardinal Virtue: Style and Substance in the voice of John Henry Newman, noting a review by Edward Short of Ian Ker’s new book, The Genius of John Henry Newman

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