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The Republicrats affirm the sexual flexicrats in their…whatever

[update at the end] Peter Thiel ( I think his name was), founder of PayPal, gave a speech last night during which he announced how “proud” he was of being gay. (That means ‘homosexual’ for you linguistic revanchists). I am … Continue reading

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The Hobgoblin of the ‘Establishment’ Mind

A friend sent me a link to this, by Charles Murray, one of many such articles I’ve seen explaining why Trump is unfit for office, and why no self-respecting conservative should vote for him. It’s entitled “Why ‘Hillary is Even … Continue reading

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Or is it dump-a-Trump? That’s what the Republican establishment and a number of prominent voices in the conservative media are up to. There is even talk of a brokered convention. It almost sounds as though the Party powers are trying … Continue reading

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Trump Converts, Runs for Pope

Thanks to Paul Cella for sending me this.

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Get Thee Behind Me, Conscience

An editorial at National Review asks: “Why would Bush, Rubio, and Christie seem to so eagerly surrender to the prevailing winds of political correctness?” They ask consequent to the revelation during the New Hampshire debate that “Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, … Continue reading

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Trump for President (update 3)

No, don’t get the wrong idea. That’s the website I went to out of curiosity, of the morbid variety. I wanted to know what he stands for. He takes enthusiastic stances on the following issues: U.S.-China Trade Reform, Veterans Administration … Continue reading

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Are you tough enough?

In passing…Leaving work the other night I turned on the radio to be greeted by the Republican candidates’ debate on CNN. I figured I could tough it out for a few minutes. Self-described conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt was … Continue reading

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Repubs and the March for Life

Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Lindsay Graham…am I forgetting any of the Republican 2016 presidential hopefuls? Sarah Palin is reputedly “interested”, but I have no idea how seriously. An … Continue reading

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About a Girl

According to Kevin Williamson, Planned Parenthood has “commissioned” someone named Lena Dunham to get out the vote. Especially the girl vote. The rest of you can vote too, but especially if you’re on the side of the girls. Miss Dunham … Continue reading

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Malice Aforethought

I was going to say more (offer my speculative opinion, that is) about Angela Corey, whose sincere and affable loquacity at the podium seemed to me to be disguising the inner life of a genuinely vindictive, vicious, self-satisfied, and amorally … Continue reading

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