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The Body of Christ

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Post-election Christmas reflection

Yes, that’s a human baby. I’ll explain in a moment why she’s there. Lest I be accused of misdirection, let me say something about the election: Trump, the latest incarnation (sorry) of conservative liberalism, won. He’s bad, but She- the … Continue reading

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Hiatus from “the healing”

[There's an update below the fold] A few people show up here looking for something to read, something of at least minor substance. However, there won’t be much of that for the near future. Most of my time these days … Continue reading

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Nina Shea…

…assesses the plight of Iraqi Christians. They live now – those who have not been abducted, sold into slavery or killed – in miserable conditions. Prospects of a military resolution seem grim. U.S. indifference to their plight did not begin … Continue reading

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Asking stupid smart questions

Someone billed as the Senior National Affairs Reporter for Yahoo, a Linda Goodwin, claims that “Justice Roberts [has revived] an old argument that could save gay marriage,” which makes it sound as though gay marriage is an ancient institution in … Continue reading

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Sunday Thought, in passing

Listening to the Palm Sunday readings (from Matthew, I think), I was reminded of something I wrote in a long ago post, so long ago that I have no idea where to find it. Therein I wondered what it must … Continue reading

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An excellent refutation…

…here, of R.R. Reno’s stupid suggestion at First Things that Christian ministers “withdraw from acting as agents in state-sanctioned marriage,” thus severing the civil contract from the sacrament. [Update]: In the Salt Lake Tribune, a Presbyterian pastor expresses his disdain … Continue reading

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The War on Christians…

…is the title of an article by Paul Marshall: For at least three reasons, the contemporary persecution of Christians demands attention: It is occurring on a massive scale, it is underreported, and in many parts of the world it is … Continue reading

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Sunday Thought: Love is Not Love

(Yes, it’s a day late.) One of the more frequent effusions masquerading as an argument in support of gay marriage is that “the government shouldn’t be able to tell people whom they can love.” (Which, even in the days of … Continue reading

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