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The Body of Christ

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From the Pope, another guide to clear thinking and moral perspicacity

A few highlights from the MESSAGE OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS ON THE OCCASION OF THE WORLD MEETINGS OF POPULAR MOVEMENTS IN MODESTO (CALIFORNIA) [16-18 FEBRUARY 2017] (10 FEBRUARY 2017): I would also like to highlight the work done by … Continue reading

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These women need your support

Explore their website. The heart of their mission. Yes, it’s 50 minutes long, but… …there’s evidence that it works.

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The Religions of Peace

Speaking of that terror attack on the French Catholic priest (notice how quickly it’s disappeared from the news), the leader of the world’s largest religion shared his thoughts: Speaking on the papal plane en route to Krakow, Poland, for World … Continue reading

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In case you’ve been thinking that the See of Peter is empty…

Zippy, on the nature of authority: An authority which you are obligated to obey only when you agree with his decisions is no authority at all. And that is just the way modern people like it: consent of the governed … Continue reading

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Trump Converts, Runs for Pope

Thanks to Paul Cella for sending me this.

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Get Thee Behind Me, Conscience

An editorial at National Review asks: “Why would Bush, Rubio, and Christie seem to so eagerly surrender to the prevailing winds of political correctness?” They ask consequent to the revelation during the New Hampshire debate that “Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, … Continue reading

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I have an article up…

…at Crisis Magazine, for those interested.

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Believe the Good News

A story received at second-hand: One weekday afternoon, a man, probably in his sixties and mostly gray now, entered the vestibule of a Catholic church. He had come to it because it was unknown to him, and he to it. … Continue reading

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Sunday Thought, in passing

Listening to the Palm Sunday readings (from Matthew, I think), I was reminded of something I wrote in a long ago post, so long ago that I have no idea where to find it. Therein I wondered what it must … Continue reading

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