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voice of the heart

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It’s 9/11…again

Nothing new to say. Some posts from the past for any interested: People in the Sky A remembrance dedicated to the victims A poem

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13 Hours:

the secret soldiers of Benghazi. Watched it last night. Now I really hate her.

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The Great Egret …

..pays a visit. Click (maybe twice, to get to full size) so that he can look you in the eye. He and the Great Blue are sharing space, sort of.

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The Religions of Peace

Speaking of that terror attack on the French Catholic priest (notice how quickly it’s disappeared from the news), the leader of the world’s largest religion shared his thoughts: Speaking on the papal plane en route to Krakow, Poland, for World … Continue reading

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The Republicrats affirm the sexual flexicrats in their…whatever

[update at the end] Peter Thiel ( I think his name was), founder of PayPal, gave a speech last night during which he announced how “proud” he was of being gay. (That means ‘homosexual’ for you linguistic revanchists). I am … Continue reading

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Some recent camera sightings

Click to enlarge. Sandhill crane owns the driveway Great Blue still hanging around Not sure what this is Snowy Egret prepares for lift-off Thunderhead at sunset Sunset on Lake Conway Sunset storm

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In case you’ve been thinking that the See of Peter is empty…

Zippy, on the nature of authority: An authority which you are obligated to obey only when you agree with his decisions is no authority at all. And that is just the way modern people like it: consent of the governed … Continue reading

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Hiatus from “the healing”

[There's an update below the fold] A few people show up here looking for something to read, something of at least minor substance. However, there won’t be much of that for the near future. Most of my time these days … Continue reading

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More photo fun-2

[Update: I've added one more pic of a bird I believe is called a limpkin. Took some searching to hunt him down.] The Easter lilies did not live up to their name this year. They bloomed in the middle of … Continue reading

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