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Lost and Found

A place I thought lost is becoming, or has become, a bright spot in Catholic higher education. The Catholic University of America, formerly known as Fr. Charles Curran’s heretical playground, is rediscovering, or has rediscovered, its Catholic identity; if, that … Continue reading

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The Light Shineth in Darkness

I should trouble myself to wish the few who visit here a Merry Christmas, even though [He] was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. He was in the world, and the world was made … Continue reading

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The Blame Game

Heard a Protestant preacher fielding questions on the radio the other day. He was an expert on something, though I can’t remember what. Maybe God’s justice and the reality of hell. Anyway, he’d written a book he hoped people would … Continue reading

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Update on Presley

My daughter’s daughter, my granddaughter. She’s now one year old, and when she looks at me, I’m like a dead man come to life again.

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Abortion by bomb

[Update: two more articles went up at Crisis on the same topic, and Zippy makes his appearance in comments to both. Sorry, you'll have to find them yourself. It's easy.] In case you didn’t get your fill of the atom … Continue reading

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The World is Something Else

Got married straight out of high school. To a guy I knew since fifth grade summer camp. Summer wedding. Guests were mostly mosquitos. We had a baby boy, then a toddler, now a teen. Last year my husband phones me … Continue reading

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The Body of Christ

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The Book on Usury

Back in February 2015 I put up a post called The End of Usury. The post’s title reflected wishful thinking, prompted by Zippy’s Usury FAQ at his website. That FAQ has been updated at least three times and, at the … Continue reading

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From the Pope, another guide to clear thinking and moral perspicacity

A few highlights from the MESSAGE OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS ON THE OCCASION OF THE WORLD MEETINGS OF POPULAR MOVEMENTS IN MODESTO (CALIFORNIA) [16-18 FEBRUARY 2017] (10 FEBRUARY 2017): I would also like to highlight the work done by … Continue reading

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These women need your support

Explore their website. The heart of their mission. Yes, it’s 50 minutes long, but… …there’s evidence that it works.

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