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In Memoriam

- William May, RIP (On the passing of the Catholic moral theologian.) Posted Dec. 11, 2014

Catholicism and Other Christianities

- The Catholic Survey Taker (in response to the Church’s request for lay input for the¬†upcoming marriage synod). Dec. 11, 2013

Race, Politics, and the Justice System

- Malice Aforethought (a brief followup to “A Civilized Exchange”). July 18, 2013

- A Civilized Exchange, July 16, 2013 (some thoughts on what went wrong in the Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin confrontation)

- “It seems like God has given her another chance” (on the release of murderess Paula Cooper). June 23, 2013

The Marriage Wars

- Love is Whatever (Maria Bello dates a girl). Dec. 3, 2013

- Love is Not Love (dissecting a common trope used in support of gay marriage). Nov. 25, 2013

- From Sacrament to Sacrilege (on the Supreme Court’s marriage rulings in Windsor and Hollingsworth). July 2, 2013

- “Jury finds for Ohio teacher fired while pregnant” (she’s an artificially inseminated, pregnant lesbian). June 4, 2013

- Being against gay marriage = declaring war on adoption? (Critique of an article by Ramesh Ponnuru). May 9, 2013

- The Gay Mirage. Feb 11, 2013. (annoyance with Kathleen Parker’s bubbly support for gay marriage.)

Culture and Morality (sexual anarchy, and other pathologies of our time)

- Ploughing the Field (on feral athletes and the children they leave behind). Oct 26, 2013

The Culture of Life and Death (euthanasia, abortion, ESCR research, etc.)

- About a Girl (a performance artist celebrates murder). Sept. 29, 2014

- Obama Genuflects Before Roe v. Wade (Obama’s tribute to the abortion sacrament on the anniversary of the March for Life). Jan 22, 2014

- Signs of Contradiction (observed while driving to Georgia). Oct. 23, 2013

- It’s all in your head (critique of a Public Discourse article by Germain Grisez and Patrick Lee: when is a human being really dead?) May 20, 2013

- Some lifelinks, and keeping Gosnell front and center. April 30, 2013

- If the heart goes first, the mind will follow (on engaging students re abortion). March 30, 2013

- Safe, legal and rare. March 6, 2013. (The case of Kermit Gosnell, the baby butcher)

The War on Terror

- Krauthammer the consequentialist (Torture? He supports it). Dec 11, 2014

- In the bombing’s aftermath, let the platitudes begin (on the Boston terror bombing and Cardinal O’Malley’s response.) April 22, 2013

Philosophy, Science and Religion

- I exist, but not for long (a brief look at Andrew Ferguson’s article “The Heretic,” concerning the reception of Thomas Nagel’s new book. March 28, 2013

- Nothing to Fear. Feb. 8, 2013 (an amateur ventures into philosophy)

Church and State or – Politics, Religion and the Public Square

- Finessing the Truth. March 2, 2013. (is declaring in law that a newly conceived child is a human being an “establishment of religion”? And is there really a distinction between a person and a human being?)

- The Club for Growth part 2 – The Path to Victory…Jan. 17, 2013. (part 1 can be found at my old blog.)

The Internet

- Leave a Comment – change the world ( on the compulsion to convince). Jan. 11, 2014

Sunday Thoughts

- A Sunday Thought: To the Holy Ghost. 17 Feb., 2013. (an impertinent plea to the Third Person to do something)

- A Land not yet Found, by Juliette Aristides (the impact of postmodernism on beauty in art). Oct 6, 2013

Book Reviews and Recommendations

- A Book Recommendation (specifically, Rick Barnett’s Living in the Meantime: Three Novellas). April 3, 2014

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