Went to Mass yesterday. One of the hymns (at the offeratory, I think) was the traditional “Good Christian Men Rejoice,” except that the title – announced by the cantor and as printed in the program – had been bowdlerized to “Good Christian Friends Rejoice.” I could not bring myself to join in on a song I’ve been singing from childhood. My mood clouded and did not lift for the remainder of the service. It’s interesting that such a thing can so royally piss me off. I suppose I ought to be angry at myself for failing to keep my thoughts focused on the essentials; I suppose I ought to accept this sort of bowing down to a trend with an indulgent smile, even though we’re supposed to be bowing to something else. But I can’t.

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  1. Thomas D says:

    God rest you merry, gentleperson!

  2. Lydia says:

    I think that was done in many of the hymnals about twenty-five years ago, sad to say. I seriously do not know how people worship in churches where the hymns have been messed up in that feminist way. It would be a terrible distraction to me, probably insurmountable.

    In deliberately “retro” churches (like the one I attend) older hymnals are used, and these hymnals are actually still in print. In this case, the Hymnal 1940. There are also low-Protestant hymnals that haven’t been messed with and can still be purchased, like _Great Hymns of the Faith_. But any church that uses a hymnal that has been successfully updated over the past few decades will sing feminized hymns. It’s tragic, really.

  3. William Luse says:

    It is, indeed. It’s not technically ‘insurmountable’ for me because what I need is a valid consecration. But it’s quite distracting, and depressing. I might have another place to go, which I will talk about if it proves successful. If it is, I’ll be sending the head pastor an email explaining why he won’t see my face no more. And he’s a conservative guy. But he puts up with too much.

  4. Lydia says:

    I just meant “insurmountably distracting” as a psychological matter.

  5. William Luse says:


    For some reason, people’s comments are not being emailed to me as my “settings” require, which is also distracting.

  6. William Luse says:

    Just figured out they were being hijacked into my spam folder by my email client. Why would it do that? It didn’t use to do that. Another distraction.

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