The Hobgoblin of the ‘Establishment’ Mind

A friend sent me a link to this, by Charles Murray, one of many such articles I’ve seen explaining why Trump is unfit for office, and why no self-respecting conservative should vote for him. It’s entitled “Why ‘Hillary is Even Worse Doesn’t Cut it.’ ”

My reply:

Back when I refused to vote for McCain or Romney on moral principle, I was told that my failure to do so was a vote for Obama. This year, if I wanted to vote for Trump (because Hillary is even worse), I’d be told that I must not ever do that, but not that my failure to do so was a vote for Hillary. The rationale seems to have gone obsolete.

And yet, if you’re the sort of person who has developed the habit of voting for ‘the lesser of two evils,’ why the sudden aversion to it? Don’t you have a duty to carry on?

A number of columnists at NR have fallen into panic mode. David French is begging Mitt Romney to run again. He mentions all of Romney’s credits and none of his deficits.

I have seen a lot of #neverTrump tokens on the internet, but not a single #prayforDonaldTrump. Admittedly, I don’t get around all that much.

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More Photo Fun

I promise to return to blogging about serious things real soon, if I can figure out what those things are. In the meantime, a few shots I took with my new camera. Inspired by my friend Zippy, who knows about cameras (apertures, f/stops, depth of field, ISO, etc.) I’ve been trying different things, much of it unsuccessful. You won’t see those here. The learning curve is pretty steep. Believe it or not, there is actually a Dummies book for my camera (or rather for people who use my camera), and probably for yours too.

Anyway, forthwith: the pics of the two houses were shot across a lake with a 300mm zoom lens. One house was about a half mile away and the other a few hundred yards. The ibis was taken with a 55mm lens, and I’ve linked to the full size version so’s you can see the detail from about 25 feet away. The water scenes are from the shore of Lake Conway. All can be enlarged by clicking.

From Dad’s backyard

house on water

another house


storm clouds brewing

9th hole at Dubsdread

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The Way of the West

I am reading a novel called Submission by Michel Houellebecq, about which I might eventually have something to say.

In other news, London now has a Muslim mayor. Just google it.

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New Toy

[Update: Addendum below the post]

Wife got me a new camera for my birthday, a Canon Rebel T5. Here’s what it looks like:

Yeah, big lenses. When I press the shutter button halfway, the lenses rotate back and forth accompanied by a robotic whirring noise. Sometimes they elongate without being instructed. I am neither deserving of it nor competent to use it. I don’t know how much it cost and she won’t tell me. (I know, I could google it, but would that please her? A woman’s mind is unknowable.) In addition to pictures like the one below, it shoots 1920×1080 high definition movies. It’s not the most expensive camera out there (I saw one for 28,000 dollars online somewhere), but I’ll never need another. I’ve gotten far enough to take the following picture (of a flower in my yard). Click to enlarge. And that’s still two sizes smaller than I could have linked to. But computer screens are only so big. Anyway, my old Canon Power Shot could not do this. Not even close.

Someone who can really do flowers is Don at Take a look at these. Todd McKimmey, facilitator of two web presences, The Christendom Review and What’s Wrong with the World, ain’t bad neither. I think these guys spent more money on their stuff than my wife did.

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Image Enlarge with CSS

Here’s an effect I like. There are two thumbnails below. The viewer is approaching Chicago on North Lake Shore drive. If you hover over the images, they should enlarge in the space of about 2 seconds. On mouseout, the images should shrink to their original size. Both do essentially the same thing, though with slightly different CSS coding (and no javascript). The second example proved difficult at first. The enlarging picture kept disappearing behind the post-area container until I figured out how to make it stay on top. I’m thinking of applying this to my art gallery thumbnails, but there is a problem: the effect may not work in older browsers, i.e., IE 9 and earlier. I welcome feedback from any for whom the effect does not materialize.


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I love javascript…

Here’s a better way. Click through until you return to the original image.



…but wish it weren’t so hard to learn. There’s a more efficient way of coding the js for the following image gallery, which would require only that the viewer click on the image to change it, but I haven’t been able to make it work yet. Meanwhile, clicking the buttons will change the image.

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Review of Rieff book…

…by R.R. Reno, to be found here at ISI’s First Principles. The link was sent along by a friend who dropped it in comments here.

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If your browser does not support html5, then this:

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Apocalypse now, I mean soon, well, eventually

In comments to a post below, a friend mentions the impending apocalypse, without getting too specific about dates. Fred Reed agrees. I hope they’re both wrong. In the ancient Greek, the word meant “a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden, ‘a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities.’” This is according to Wikipedia, so there. It allows me to hope that the unveiling need not end in a bloodbath, but in a return to God. This seems impossible right now, considering where the lines are drawn, but…nothing’s impossible with God. So there.

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Or is it dump-a-Trump?

That’s what the Republican establishment and a number of prominent voices in the conservative media are up to. There is even talk of a brokered convention. It almost sounds as though the Party powers are trying to think of a way to deny Trump the nomination even if he wins it. In support of the trend, liberal loser Mitt Romney took to the TV to sternly admonish his fellow citizens about the perils of voting for such an arrogant, boorish, mendacious, misogynistic, racist, ignorant excuse for a human being. It was clear by the end that Donald Trump is a no good very bad man. The problem is that millions of people are voting for him. The implication of Romney’s remarks was that those millions are stupid. That’s how you win people over to your cause: call them stupid.

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