We will not, this time anyway, have our first woman president. On a list of a hundred reasons why I might support someone for president, this one wouldn’t even make the list.

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voice of the heart

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Matthew’s gone

Not much harm here save for yard debris and some brief power outages. I don’t think wind gusts in this area exceeded 50-60 mph. I did see one tree down in the neighborhood, but this was nothing like Charley (or even Francis or Jean of the same year) when my parents’ neighborhood looked like a war zone. The storm’s track ended up slightly east of predicted, and that made all the difference. This is not to say that it was a nothing storm. Along the east coast, people got hit hard, and some got killed:

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Waiting out Matthew

I’ll probably be off the radar for a few days (nothing unusual about that) until we see what this hurricane’s going to do. In the meantime, if you like reading about what it’s like to go through several in one year, you can check out The Hurricane Chronicles.

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Re Matthew (the hurricane)

As of 5 A.M. Tuesday morning -

A few days ago we were predicted to be out of harm’s way, but now things are getting dicey:

In the image below, what you’re seeing is eyewall replacement, always a sign of a strong storm, and this one is a monster. The people on that Haitian peninsula are in hell right now.

[Update: you were seeing it when I first posted it. What you're seeing now is the hurricane's current position and behavior, because the NOAA gif is constantly updated.] [And now you're not seeing it at all, because the hurricane has gone away.]

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It’s 9/11…again

Nothing new to say. Some posts from the past for any interested:
People in the Sky
A remembrance dedicated to the victims
A poem

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13 Hours:

the secret soldiers of Benghazi. Watched it last night. Now I really hate her.

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The Great Egret …

..pays a visit. Click (maybe twice, to get to full size) so that he can look you in the eye.

He and the Great Blue are sharing space, sort of.

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The Religions of Peace

Speaking of that terror attack on the French Catholic priest (notice how quickly it’s disappeared from the news), the leader of the world’s largest religion shared his thoughts:

Speaking on the papal plane en route to Krakow, Poland, for World Youth Day celebrations, Francis said the world had been in “a piecemeal war” for some time. He said Tuesday’s killing of the Rev. Jacques Hamel, 86, in St.-Etienne-du-Rouvray, France, was one casualty in this conflict. “The world is at war because it has lost peace,” he said. “There is a war of interest, there is a war for money, a war for natural resources, a war to dominate people,” he continued. “Some might think it is war of religion. It is not. All religions want peace. Others want war.”

And thus does the martyrdom of Rev. Hamel get dissolved by his own Pope into the general array of conflicts that beset mankind – the ‘fog of war,’ so to speak – and the Reverend’s Catholic faith melted into the pre-biotic soup of religious relativism.

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The Republicrats affirm the sexual flexicrats in their…whatever

[update at the end]

Peter Thiel ( I think his name was), founder of PayPal, gave a speech last night during which he announced how “proud” he was of being gay. (That means ‘homosexual’ for you linguistic revanchists). I am heterosexual, but have never been proud of it. I was glad of it, once I figured out what it was good for, but never proud, since I was in no way responsible for possessing it. When I say “I am heterosexual,” I mean that it is intrinsic to my very being. When a man says he is homosexual, isn’t he saying the same thing? So why then is he proud of it, as though it were some sort of accomplishment, when in fact it can only be a gift from God? If it is a gift from God, why do I never hear homosexuals thanking Him for it?

Later, Donald Trump reached out enthusiastically to the “LGBTQ community.” He was very pleased with the crowd’s approval of Thiel’s speech. Now, I don’t think that Mr. Trump, prior to the speech, would have known to put the ‘Q’ into the community without proper instructions from a speechwriter. I don’t think he knew what it stands for. Just guessing, of course. It’s kind of funny, too, since during the campaign Mr. Trump found occasion to roundly denounce Mr. Romney as a loser, but in their attempts to suck up to that ‘community’, they sound a whole lot alike .

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