This Christmas, give something to those

whose lamps are always burning, and whose salt never loses its savor.

Here are a few places who support themselves by selling the works of their hands. It’s not their most important work, but still necessary.
- The Brigittine monks: they specialize in fudge.
- The monks of Assumption Abbey in Arkansas: they make a famous fruitcake.
- Holy Cross Abbey is known for its truffles.
-The Genesee Abbey in New York is known for Monks’ Bread. I used to find it in my local grocery store, but not lately.
- The Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia. They are Trappists who make fudge, fruitcake and biscotti. I got the fudge and the fruitcake last year. They’re good.
- The contemplative nuns of Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey in Dubuque Iowa are rightly renowned for their chocolate covered caramels.

I’ve purchased from all these places thus far. Unfortunately, I’ll be giving most of it away as presents. But there are plenty of other places that need support but don’t sell stuff.

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Sunday Restoration: communion on the tongue

My parish priest has sent out a letter, instructing us as follows:

As you may remember from my communication of several days ago I advised that as of Advent I (Nov. 29, 2015), the mode of administration of Holy Communion will be by intinction. This is the mode by which the Body of Christ is dipped by the priest into the Precious Blood and subsequently both species (Body and Blood) are administered simultaneously. This mode of administration is the norm in the Principal Church of the Ordinariate, several of the larger established parishes of the Ordinariate, and also the largest Catholic Anglican Use parish in the U.S. So, this is not a practice that will be peculiar to Incarnation. Nor, for most of you, will there be the necessity of changing your usual practice at the Altar rail, as the vast majority (over 98% ) of parishioners here already practice reception of the Blessed Sacrament on the tongue. However, for those who do not currently receive on the tongue this new practice will necessitate that you do so, as this mode of administration precludes the option of receiving in the hand.

Back in August, he gave a long sermon on the subject, replete with horror stories. We’ve all heard them, and probably been witness to a few. I don’t have time to rehearse them, though I am fond of the one about the old lady who spirited the species home to feed to her dog.

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Sunday Thought: The Other Totalitarianism

If our world were really to escape the influence of Christianity, it would have to renounce the concern for victims. Nietzsche and Nazism understood this well. They hoped to relativize Christianity,  expose it as a religion like all the others, just a little worse. As such it  could be replaced either by atheism or by a quite new religion, completely  foreign to the biblical legacy. Heidegger had not abandoned all  hope of a complete extinction of Christian influence and a new start at  zero, which would begin a new mimetic cycle. This is the sense, I think,  of the most celebrated line in Heidegger’s “last testament” interview, published in Der Spiegel after his death: “Only a god can save us.”

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Ruth Wisse, from something she wrote for The Wall Street Journal:

Women’s liberation, if not the most extreme then certainly the most influential neo-Marxist movement in America, has done to the American home what Communism did to the Russian economy, and much of the ruin is irreversible. By defining relations between men and women in terms of power and competition instead of reciprocity and cooperation, the movement tore apart the most basic and fragile contract in human society, the unit from which all other social institutions draw their strength.

Cooperation between men and women is enormously painful and difficult, depending as it does on the ability of unlike individuals to accept lifelong responsibility for one another and for the children that will issue from their union. Of the two sexes, women may stand to gain more from domestication and have more to fear from its erosion, which is why our culture has tried so strenuously to define what husbands owe their wives. But like all revolutionaries, the ideologues of the women’s movement did not calculate the value of what they wanted to destroy when they sought the liberation of their gender from the domestic “mystique.” They may not be solely responsible for the collapse of the American family, the rise in domestic violence, the proliferation of undisciplined young men, and such related items as the decline in education, but none of these conditions can be improved unless and until women reinvest their energies in nurturing and sustaining families as their most cherished and vital preserve.

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Milwaukee Zoo – Lions

Filmed by Bernadette
(full screen works well)

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A Simple Point: No Mercy without Truth


True illness of the mind and spirit sets in when a man no longer cherishes truth . . . when in the depths of his soul, truth ceases to be to him the primary, the most important concern.

– Romano Guardini, as employed by Archbishop Chaput, reflecting on the Synod here.

Maggie Gallagher:

We know from polls and from parish life that many, many ordinary churchgoing Catholics do not support many Catholic teachings. Dissent is not shocking; it has been normalized…We now know, as a result of the frankness Pope Francis encouraged for this synod, that a substantial chunk of Catholic bishops do not believe in indissolubility. Not really, except as some kind of ethereal ideal divorced from the “mess of reality”…Could it be that Pope Francis’s time in the streets of Argentina has given him Protestant envy and a hunger for a new model of Catholic engagement that unleashes the laity, the promise of Vatican II?

Jennifer Roback Morse at Crisis:

I was one who gave Pope Francis the benefit of the doubt. I now have my doubts about him. And I have no doubt at all that some of the men surrounding him are either heretics or lunatics or both.

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More on the Genocide of Christians…

who are being ignored even as we prepare to open our arms to tens of thousands of Syrian refugees. Meanwhile our anti-Christian Christian president continues his navel-gazing. From Nina Shea, at NR.

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Mark Regnerus at NR…

…on What the Pill has Wrought.

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Iran doesn’t dislike only Israel and the Great Satan…

…it is also, says Stella Morabito, conducting a war on dogs. I haven’t watched the first video because I don’t think I could bear it. The others provide more uplift, meaning that the people in them behave like humans.

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There’s a new painting…

…at the top left of the People Art Page, titled Bernadette by the Chattahoochie. Click to enlarge.

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