More on the Genocide of Christians…

who are being ignored even as we prepare to open our arms to tens of thousands of Syrian refugees. Meanwhile our anti-Christian Christian president continues his navel-gazing. From Nina Shea, at NR.

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Mark Regnerus at NR…

…on What the Pill has Wrought.

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Iran doesn’t dislike only Israel and the Great Satan…

…it is also, says Stella Morabito, conducting a war on dogs. I haven’t watched the first video because I don’t think I could bear it. The others provide more uplift, meaning that the people in them behave like humans.

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There’s a new painting…

…at the top left of the People Art Page, titled Bernadette by the Chattahoochie. Click to enlarge.

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Krauthammer: being human is a process

Charles Krauthammer is a frequent guest on “The O’Reilly Factor.” The other night, during a discussion of the current Planned Parenthood outrage, C.K. referred to the early embryo as a “clump of cells,” as though such cells get thrown together by an accident of nature, like a pile of gutter debris after a storm. There is, he says, a legitimate difference of opinion between those, like O’Reilly, who defend the embryo’s humanity from conception, and those who think that full personhood is achieved in the course of a “process.” The two argue about it.

This “clump of cells” language astounds coming from a medical doctor, who ought to know better than anyone that all the information necessary to form the highly sophisticated brain producing all that intellectual output that makes him such a valued commentator (and a best-selling author to boot) is right there in that clump of cells from the very beginning. Destroy the clump that will become C.K. (end the “process,” in other words) and you destroy C.K. He will not be available for TV appearances. Thus, there is no difference between the process of becoming a person and the possession of personhood itself.

C.K. never does identify at precisely which point in the process any one of us can lay claim to this exalted status. The video is below. I’d drag the slider to 3:56 and stop at about 7:15. After that it’s back to politics.

[Update]: I suspect that Ross Douhat, lacking a medical degree, is considerably smarter than C.K.]

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Hawk takes my squirrel friend…

in the camphor tree in the back yard. (Click to enlarge)

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Correspondence from the Catacombs (cont.)

From another friend:

Hi, Bill:
I just saw this article in this week’s edition. It is a very sober assessment of where we are, I think. Fr. Rutler’s summation is “chilling”, as the overview of the edition says; however, it seems to me he is correct: this is the zenith of a spiritual battle, the outcome of which Christ assures us. We must pray to endure to its end. See what you think.

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Filmed by Bernadette at the Milwaukee zoo.

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Correspondence from the Catacombs

The first of a couple of recent email exchanges, post-Obergefell.


Bill, I can’t take it much longer. My dear father had a refrain about the contemporary scene: “madnesses on the land.” I’m glad he passed from the scene four years ago. He could not have imagined even five years back what’s going down now. That Catholic philosopher who described witnessing modernity as watching a nuclear bomb going off in slow motion, MacIntyre? We’re in fast forward now. I’m in a sick panic.


Panic won’t help. The new regime must be resisted, but what form that will take I have not the wisdom to foretell. All the states, for example, should behave as if the Obergefell decision did not exist. That is, continue doing business as they always have.

This will require great courage at all levels of society, which I think is probably lacking in general. A few individuals have shown it, like that Baronelle Stutzman in Washington, but I suspect most Christians today have little taste for martyrdom. We’re about to find out what Christianity is made of in this country.

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There’s a new painting

…at the top left of the People art page.

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